Triad Rocks the Room with InWall Bronze/4 Subwoofer

The new space-saving solution packs a long-throw 10-inch aluminum driver in a narrow enclosure.


A subwoofer can put some boom in the room. However, an in-wall subwoofer can really get the room shaking — in a good way, of course. Triad Speakers is looking to be that in-wall solution for you, with its new InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub.

The new unit measures about 3.94 inches deep, so it can fit into a standard 4-inch deep wall cutout. It also has a new flat-grille, flush-mount design, to help it blend into the room better than its predecessor.

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Triad says that the sub has a maximum output of 109dB from 40-80Hz with bass extension of -6dB at 25Hz, which actually rivals the company’s own, larger, 6-inch-deep InWall Bronze/6 model. It does this with a proprietary long-throw 10-inch aluminum driver and a round steel backplate, which captures more air volume and gives that driver some breathing room.

Designed as a complement to Triad’s 350-watt RackAmp 350 DSP amplifier, the InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub also has three types of the company’s Acoustimesh grille. That lineup includes wide, narrow and frameless versions, with options for custom paint at the factory.

Triad is now shipping the InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub to authorized dealers, with an MSRP of $1,400.


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