Tremor FX Home Shakes Up Theater Seating Category

RedSeat Entertainment's seating and wireless transmitter combo can connect to any home theater via HDMI.

There are immersive movie experiences and then there are movie experiences that literally shake you out of your seat. RedSeat Entertainment says you’d better strap yourself in and get ready for the Tremor FX Home.

The Tremor FX Home is a newly announced theater system that can put some motion into your movie watching, gaming and other entertainment.

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Of course, there are similar options currently on the market. However, Tremor FX Home uses a patent-pending audio processing engine and wireless transmitter in tandem with home theater seating. The company sells seats directly, but says that the tech can be outfitted for virtually any home theater seat manufacturer.

Once connected, the technology can actually vibrate and pulsate in response to an individual soundtrack through a series of actuators built within each seat. No additional programming is needed. Just connect the Tremor FX box to any home theater, via a single HDMI connection. From there, the system can wirelessly communicate with the actuators in each seat.

“With Tremor FX Home, viewers can have the same fully-immersive cinematic experience as in movie theaters, but enjoy it from the comfort of their own family rooms or home cinemas,” said Joseph Sorenson, CEO of RedSeat Entertainment. “While the technology is advanced, we’ve specifically designed it for simple installation and adoption into existing home theater systems, enabling users to access an exciting new threshold of engagement in movies, TV, and gaming.”

Home theater seating with Tremor FX technology is available immediately. Contact the company directly for pricing and additional purchase information.

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