Toshiba’s 55-inch Glasses-free 3D Now $11K

How will US consumers react when this TVs hits here?


It was just a few days ago that I was ranting about the coming Y4K storm in the form of 4K resolution televisions from major manufacturers. The first one is already available. You can buy one December 10th from Toshiba, but you have to go to Japan.

Toshiba has launched the first 55-inch 4K 3D autostereoscopic TV, but for the moment it’s only available to Japanese consumers. According the Toshiba Japan’s web site, the 55-inch TV (55X3) includes face-tracking technology to allow the viewer seating flexibility (so you’re not stuck in a set sweet spot to experience the 3D effect). What happens when people recline on a sofa to watch TV?

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Other features on the TV include the ability to share content wirelessly among other compatible TVs via REGZA Link Share. The set uses LED backlighting and a 240Hz refresh rate. Video processing is handled by Toshiba’s Cevo Duo processor, which is based on the Cell processor.

While’s the set is technically available, at more than $11,000 (900,000 Yen), this will be one of the most expensive TVs on the market if it reaches the US at this price. That said, the unique glasses-free 3D feature may be worth it.

More info on the TV can be found here.

For a review of a Toshiba 3D TV you can actually buy in the US now–for a lot less money–go here.

This is a screen shot taken from Toshiba’s web side with text translated by Google.


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