Toshiba Launches 3 New Ultra HD TV Series Up to 84 Inches

The top L9400U lines includes full array backlight and a labyrinth speaker system.

At CES 2014 Toshiba launched a wide spectrum of 4K Ultra HD TVs in 50-, 58-, 65- and 84-inch models. The new 4K TVs spread across three product lines, the L8400U, L9400U, and L9450U Series.

All of the new 4K TVs include the latest version of Toshiba’s upscaling video processor, the CQ4K engine, which processes HDTV signals into 4K.

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New this year is a series of full array backlit LED 4K TVs. The L9400U series, in 58- and 65-inch models, incorporates Toshiba’s SuperBright LEDs, with Super Wide Color Gamut and Quantum Black Local Dimming. Toshiba’s new smart TV platform allows voice control over functions like channel changing and volume adjustment. This series also includes something the company calls a Labyrinth speaker system with Sonic Separation that can isolate vocal sounds from background sounds to make speech easier to hear.

Another interesting feature is that the TV is ready for DirecTV Genie without a separate DirecTV Genie set-top-box. DirecTV’s Genie system is similar to Dish’s Hopper with Joey system.

The 84‐inch L9450U Series includes most of the features found in the L9400U including the CQ 4K Engine, ClearScan 240Hz, Smart TV with Cloud Portal, voice control and more, but replaces the Radiance 4K Panel with and edge-lit LED panel with local dimming.

The L8400Us are Toshiba’s entry-level 4K TVs available in 58- and 50‐ inch screen sizes.

All Toshiba’s 4K TVs will ship in the summer.

Also shown, but not really talked about because they were just engineering prototypes, was a curved Ultra HD TV and an ultra wide, 21:9 flat TV. Toshiba called that one a 5K TV, but it’s really just a 4K Ultra HD TV with extra pixels on the side for the wider aspect ratio, similar to the wide LG and Samsung TVs (except the LG and Samsung models are curved).

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