Toshiba 55-inch Glasses-free 4K 3DTV Ships in December

At Japan’s CEATEC the company also showed a Blu-ray DVR.


Image from TFTS: High-tech News Portal.

Toshiba has been teasing the world with a glasses-free 3D TV since last fall. In fact, the company actually started selling some small models in Japan early this year. At the 2011 CES we got a close look at a prototype autostereoscopic 3D TV, though details on it were still a bit vague.

In the US, the company is pushing passive glasses 3D TVs (see review of Toshiba’s 47TL515U here), but it still plans to get the glasses-free models off the ground. We just don’t know when exactly.

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The product shown this week in Japan is a 55-inch model dubbed the REGZA 55X3. It’s designed to allow “a large group” to experience glasses-free 3D (which means multiple seating locations). Like the prototypes we’ve seen before, the REGZA 55X3 sports a 4K resolution screen they’re calling Quad Full HD, and it runs off Toshiba’s CEVO-Engine Duo processor. That model is said to be available in mid December 2011 in Japan, but no word on the US.

In addition to the 3D TV, Toshiba showed off a Blu-ray recorder with a 5-terabyte hard drive good for recording up to six channels for 15 days. The recorder will not rip Blu-ray discs, so don’t think this is going to be some kind of Kaleidescape server. Also, Blu-ray players with built-in hard drive recording have been shown at previous CEATEC expos, but they never make it to the US where most people get their DVRs from their TV service providers.

One of the most interesting bits of news is Toshiba’s REGZA Link Share system which lets you move content around to wirelessly-connected devices like TVs, tablets, Blu-ray recorders and smart phones. For example, a program recorded on a Blu-ray DVR could be streamed to a tablet or TV.

You can read the full press release here.


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