TiVo Partners Up with Control4

Users can soon tap into the Roamio DVR's features through any Control4 system.

TiVo's Roamio DVR.

With all of the DVR options out there, it can’t be easy being TiVo. However, the company just keeps coming up with advancements to remind us of why they’re still standing.

The company just announced plans to partner up with Control4. The end result will allow Control4 systems to tap into all of the features and functionality that the TiVo Roamio offers.

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In other words, you’ll be able to integrate the Roamio’s DVR, streaming and multi-screen capabilities with lighting, home audio, climate control or security. Some of those perks include the ability to call up info about a show, program a Season Pass, and check out what’s in your My Shows queue. Control4 users can also choose between two different TiVo remote control options: a full-scale replica of the classic TiVo remote or gesture-based controls.

TiVo promises to add the Watch to Watch feature at a later date. This will allow users to browse what’s on by using categories such as Popular TV, Sports (powered by Thuuz), Movies and Kids programming.

“TiVo has launched an outstanding line of entertainment devices this year and we’re eager to help our network of 3,000 high-end, custom installers integrate the TiVo Roamio line of devices into their customers’ systems,” said Jeff Dungan, senior VP of supply chain and business development at Control4. “Interoperability is a major priority for us, so both our dealers and customers can count on their Control4 system to communicate with and manage virtually every device in their homes or businesses.”

TiVo plans to add additional home control partners in the future.

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