TiVo Offers $0 DVR for Father’s Day

The company hopes to snag 2-year commitments with a new promotion.


Think you can’t afford a Father’s Day gift? Can you afford $0? If so, you can snag dear old dad a DVR — a TiVo Premiere, in fact.

The company is currently running a Father’s Day promotion, offering free TiVo Premiere hardware with a 2-year commitment of $19.99 monthly service. As Zatz Not Funny points out, it really only pays for itself after the two years. Didn’t dad teach you to be patient?

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TiVo Premiere first started shipping in early 2010, with an MSRP of $299.99. It has 320GB of storage, which can hold about 45 hours of high-def or 400 hours of standard-definition programming. It also provides unlimited access to Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora Internet radio, assuming you have subscriptions to those services.

If you have a couple of bucks, you may want to consider getting dad lifetime TiVo service, which is only $20 more than the total on the 2-year Father’s Day commitment. Either way, you’d better know that dad wants that DVR. TiVo’s early termination fees can go as high as $299.99.

Don’t wait too long to decide which is best for dad (or you!); the promotion ends Thursday, June 9, 2011.


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