TiVo Mini Shows Up on Suddenlink

The new add-on works with all of TiVo's Premiere boxes.


TiVo Mini photo courtesy of Zatz Not Funny.

Just a month ago, TiVo was showing off the TiVo Mini at the 2013 International CES. This add-on works with select Premiere boxes to put one of the DVR’s four tuners anywhere you watch TV. Now, someone else is showing off the TiVo Mini — Suddenlink.

According to Zatz Not Funny, the cable provider is extending the DVR extender box to its customers on a rental basis as part of its “Any-Room DVR” package. It will be available for $6 to $11 per month, depending on the subscriber’s location and package.

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The TiVo Mini will provide both live and recorded TV and other media from the TiVo Premiere. That includes on-demand programming, Pandora, YouTube, and more. It specifically works with the Premiere 4, Premiere XL4/Elite, or Premiere Q.

TiVo won’t be launching the device at retail for a few months.


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