ThinkFlood Announces RedEye Control for Android

When paired with RedEye hardware, the new app can control AV, lighting, HVAC and more.


Android users can officially start seeing red — in a good way. ThinkFlood has announced that its RedEye home control app is now available for Android.

RedEye first launched for the iPhone and iPod touch in 2009. The app does not work alone; it needs to be paired with RedEye or RedEye Pro networked products to provide control over home theater products, as well as lighting, HVAC, and other equipment.

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“The iPhone was a great start for us because it is such an elegant and popular device. But it was never our goal to have an exclusively iOS platform,” said Matt Eagar, founder and president of ThinkFlood. “Instead, we designed RedEye with the idea that you can pick up any networked device — iPhone, PC, Android device — and control your system from anywhere you have a network connection.”

Smartphone support allows RedEye users to control the system from anywhere, as well as customize common activities.

The original RedEye hardware is available for $199 on the ThinkFlood website. If you’re interested in the RedEye Pro, check the site for a dealer in your area. The RedEye application is now available as a free download from both the Android Market and Apple’s iTunes Store.

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