Thiel Announces CS2.7 Floor-Standing Speaker

The new 3-way speaker features proprietary drivers and a new cabinet architecture.


Thiel Audio is cranking out (and up!) its speaker offering. The company just announced the CS2.7, a new 3-way floor-standing loudspeaker.

This new offering includes the same tweeter/midrange driver used in the company’s flagship CS3.7. It also has a short coil/long gap 8-inch woofer coupled to a passive radiator.

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This is the type of speaker that you’ll want to put out on display — and it’s pretty enough to do just that. The cabinet features bent plywood sidewall technology, as well as engineered internal bracing used to minimize cabinet resonances.

It also includes Thiel’s new first order phase and time coherent crossover network.

“Our mission with the CS2.7 was to bring some of the engineering innovations developed for the CS3.7 downstream to a loudspeaker weighing in at under $10K per pair,” said Kathy Gornik, Thiel’s president. “The capabilities of the 3.7 coax to deliver unmatched purity and the lowest possible distortion in the mid and high frequency ranges have been well documented — we wanted that technology to be the foundation of this new model.”

Available with the option for custom finishes, Thiel expects dealers to have the CS2.7 in stock sometime next month. It will ship with an MSRP of $9,900 per pair.


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