The Peanut Butter and Chocolate of Audio/Video

Screen Innovations and JVC pair up to create a delectable, cutting-edge home theater display.


Demo rooms at trade shows are a great place to see technologies working together. After all, a huge screen is nothing but a blank canvas without a rock-solid video projector. At the EHX trade show held recently in Orlando, Fla., Screen Innovations and JVC demonstrated a pairing as good as peanut butter and chocolate, said a JVC spokesperson on hand at the demo room.

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On the screen side of the equation, Screen Innovations showcased its Zero Edge product. The screen, which is framed in a super-thin bezel looks more like a flat-panel TV than a video projection screen. According to Screen Innovations, the resemblance is intentional and one that makes it a good choice or family room. The Zero Edge gets its real family room edge, though, when combined with one of JVC’s “lens memory” projectors. Found in the company’s Reference line of home theater projectors, lens memory enables the projector to display video in three different formats: 2.35:1 (superwide), 1.85:1 and 1.78:1, filling up the entire height of the screen no matter which format is being viewed. This ability precludes the need for black fabric masking panels on the top and bottom of the screen. While effective, masking can add to the cost of a system and may not look right in a more casual viewing space. Minus the masking, the JVC-Screen Innovations duo provides consumers with one more reason to choose it a projection system over a traditional flat-panel TV.

Also displayed at the JVC-Screen Innovations demo room was a preview of SI’s retractable Black Diamond screen and JVC’s 4K video projectors. The retractable Black Diamond screen, due out in August, is motorized to roll into a housing when the screen isn’t being used, but what’s really cool about the screen is that it can be placed just about anywhere without the typical concern over ambient light washing out the picture. In fact, it can even be placed over a window without any image washout.

Guess where else you can find an SI Black Diamond screen? Here in Amani Toomer’s home theater.

JVC’s 4K projectors, meanwhile, utilize a technology called e-Shift that boosts the resolution of an image to 4 times that of HD quality. They demonstrated the shift on a Stewart Filmscreen screen, which was definitely noticeable when standing close to the screen. The two models with the capability include the DLA-RS55 ($7,995) and DLA-RS65 ($11,995), which are both also capable of display images in 3D.


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