Terk Puts Roku Streaming and HD Antenna into One Product

The new MyWayTV will start shipping this spring.

Cord cutting hasn’t gone away, but it’s certainly gotten a lot more interesting. Terk just announced the MyWayTV, which combines the streaming power of Roku with an HD antenna.

The system is basically a Terk antenna that can support the Roku Streaming Stick — which is part of the package. Besides whatever the omni-directional antenna can get from your local area (which will depend on your location and the location of the antenna), MyWayTV can get over 1,000 channels via the web.

“The value proposition for MyWayTV is simple: there’s a world of free and à la carte TV entertainment content out there. We have the one product that can get it all for you,” said David Geise, president of Voxx Accessories Corporation. “With its unsurpassed, patented over-the-air reception technology and breakthrough single-component design, MyWayTV will revolutionize home entertainment. Consumers will have access to the Roku platform and can choose from thousands of channels, and control everything from a single remote. With MyWayTV, the consumer has the freedom to choose.”

Terk plans to start selling the MyWayTV entertainment system this spring. The $169.99 MSRP includes the set-top box, connection cables, a remote, and the Roku Streaming Stick.

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