TCL Debuts 4K Smart TV with Google TV

The MoVo UD TV includes the latest Android operating system.


Photo courtesy of Engadget.

We’ve been talking a lot about Ultra High-Def TVs, also known as 4K. However, one company is setting itself apart from the expensive masses by adding a little something extra into its list of features. As if four times the resolution of 1080p HD wasn’t enough, TCL Multimedia has been showing off a 4K TV with Google TV inside.

The new 4K Ultra HD TV has been dubbed MoVo UD. The company was seen demoing the product that this week’s Google I/O 2013 conference. However, at this point, we just have a few teasers about the TV.

We do know that MoVo UD will include Google TV software and the latest Android 4.2.2 operating system, as well as instant access to services such as Google Voice Search, Chrome, Google Play, and YouTube.

“The core value of TCL brand is to introduce innovation and creativity into life, bringing the ultimate pleasure to consumers,” said Zhao Zhongyao, chief executive officer of TCL Multimedia. “Looking ahead, TCL will continue to enhance its core competence by capitalizing its cutting edge product technologies and innovations.”

No pricing or exact release date has been announced for the TV yet. However, TCL says that the MoVo UD should be available sometime later this year.

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