Symbol Audio Handcrafts its Tabletop HiFi Speaker Cabinet

The cabinet includes a pair of 4-inch drivers, a down-firing sub, and more.


We’ve seen a lot of tabletop speakers, but many don’t pack the oomph needed to make you want to ditch that giant audio setup. Symbol Audio is hoping to change that with its Tabletop HiFi Speaker Cabinet.

Now really, Symbol Audio isn’t asking you to get rid of anything. However, at $1,800, this system is going to set you back, which may leave very little left in your AV budget.

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At least you’ll know that this is money well spent. Each Tabletop HiFi system is handcrafted and packs in a pair of 4-inch full-range drivers with titanium cones, as well as a down-firing 5.25-inch subwoofer. Stream music directly to the system using Apple’s Airport Express or tether a little something with the included audio cable. Other features include a 2.1-channel Class D amplifier, a 110Hz 18/dB-octave crossover, and a subsonic filter on the subwoofer channel.

Symbol Audio is selling the Tabletop HiFi now, with a few finish options. The cabinet is available in walnut, black, white and orange, with front finish choices that include walnut, oak, white and gray.


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