SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer Works in Any Room

The new SB13-Ultra boasts the same size-no-object bass output wherever you place it.


Hot on the heels of this morning’s subwoofer announcement, we have another sub vying for your home theater dollars. SVS just announced the SB13-Ultra Subwoofer, designed to deliver a dose of bass into any size room.

As part of the Ultra series, the SB13-Ultra can be integrated into any room. No, seriously. SVS has designed the sub to match the acoustics and the decor of just about any space that has audio.

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Boasting an integrated SVS 1000-watt (3,200 watts peak power) DSP Sledge amplifier and DSPs matched to the driver and cabinet, the SB13-Ultra is rated to deliver 20Hz to 460Hz (±3dB) all the way down to 15Hz — depending on your room and settings, of course.

SVS revised the motor geometry for this unit, and added an ultra-high-power aluminum voice coil and a custom gap extension plate. Other features include dual linear-roll spiders, a stitched parabolic surround, and the rigid Rohacell composite cone material of the Ultra 13 driver.

“The SB13-Ultra subwoofer brings SVS’s lauded Ultra performance to a form factor that’s perfect for applications in which aesthetics are just as important as performance,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS president and managing partner. “Its relatively compact design allows us to deliver our best technology into spaces that might not have accommodated our subwoofers before, which makes it a genuinely exciting launch for us. It’s time for a whole new audience to fall in love with our incomparable sound.”

Find out more about having the SB13-Ultra in your room via the SVS online technician. His name is Merlin. Just in case Merlin gets it wrong, SVS does offer a free 45-day in-home trial for all of its subwoofers.

Look for the SVS SB13-Ultra to start shipping on September 30. It will come packing an MSRP of $1,599.


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