SVS Cranks Out Subwoofers at $499 Each

The price point on the SB-1000 and PB-1000 are a first for the company.


At this point, you probably know that a subwoofer can put boom into your theater room. That said, all subs are certainly not created equal — and some can be sort of expensive. SVS, however, is making some of its models a little more affordable.

The company just announced the SB-1000 and PB-1000. Both of these subs are selling now for $499, which is a price point that’s a first for the company.

However, don’t expect the quality to drop along with the price. Designed to put bass into pretty much any size room, both models have an integrated SVS Sledge STA-300D amplifier with DSPs perfectly matched to each unique driver and cabinet configuration, as well as an equalization curve optimized for enhanced transient response and room gain. Rated at 300 watts (700 watts peak dynamic), this amp allows control of the subwoofer at all levels, if you’re into tweaking.

As far as some of the differences between the two models, the SB-1000 features a front-firing 12-inch driver with dual high-grade ferrite magnets, FEA-optimized internal motor technology, and a frequency response of 24Hz to 260Hz (+/- 3dB). It also has a vented pole piece and efficient high-power voice coil to keep the SB-1000 cool while it’s cranking out sound, all without sacrificing any quality.

The PB-1000, on the other hand, has a front-firing 10-inch driver and 3.5-inch high-flow port with inner/outer port flares, as well as a frequency response of 19 Hz and 270Hz (+/- 3dB).

“Lowering our price threshold creates opportunities for all music and entertainment lovers to enjoy the benefits of high performance subwoofers,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS president and managing partner. “In a world of mobile entertainment, the subwoofer is a stalwart of home audio performance that renders music and movies with the visceral experience that all too often gets compressed away.”

Available in a black ash finish with curved edges and a black cloth grille, both models include stereo line-level RCA inputs and 80Hz high pass filtered output connections. Speaker level five-way binding post input connections are also available.


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