Super Game Day TVs: Get The Biggest Picture for the Biggest Game

A memorable football party starts with a memorable HDTV


You only have a few days left to pick up a new TV for the Super Bowl. What should you get? We have some tips and picks for you?

When buying a new TV with the intention of impressing friends at game day parties, size is one of the major considerations. That’s why the selection given here are all the biggest (well, mostly) TVs you can reasonably expect to find.

What about technology? With Mitsubishi’s exit from the rear projection TV business last year, your choices are down to plasma and LCD. Of those two, I generally believe plasma offers the best picture, but the best LED LCD TVs look good enough that display technology might not need to be your top criteria. We also love the idea of OLED, but for now it’s just an idea—no OLED TVs are available for you to take home this week.

Smart features? Yes, those can be great, so a TV that integrates apps and streaming well might factor heavily in your decisions. Does the TV include sports apps? Social media apps (because you’re more likely to need Facebook and Twitter during a game than Netflix). Can you video Skype with friends while the game plays?

Check out this selection of the biggest and coolest TVs on the market now. Move fast, because the new line up of models is coming soon, so this might be the best time to get a good deal.

For tips on getting your home theater ready for game day, read this.


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