SunBriteTV Can Put Media Streamers Outside

The new Outdoor Media Box can make wireless media players ready for the great outdoors.

Having an outdoor TV is definitely a nice luxury. However, you’re going to need content to put on it. Sadly, most players, boxes and streamers don’t have the same weatherproof coating as a TV that’s made to live outside.

SunBriteTV is looking to shield some of those components from the outdoor elements. The company just introduced the Outdoor Media Box (SB-HDME), a new weatherproof enclosure designed for wireless media players. According to SunBriteTV, it can accommodate media players made by Roku, Apple, Google, Amazon and many more.

The Outdoor Media Box has a clear polycarbonate window for transmitting IR signals and can be mounted to a SunBriteTV TV or any nearby surface. It’s designed for permanent installation, so you won’t have to take that media streamer inside and out all the time. It will keep that little box safe from rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity, salt air, and anything else you throw at it.

“Similar to our weatherproof HD Wireless Transceiver (SB-HDWT), the Outdoor Media Box makes it easy to watch your favorite content outside,” said Jonathan Johnson, SunBriteTV’s director of brand marketing. “Its compact size allows it to safely house all major wireless media-streaming devices in any weather.”

For more information on the SB-HDME and other SunBriteTV products, check out the company’s website.

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