Study Says LCDs Have Jumped 2 Inches in 12 Months

DisplaySearch says that consumers are buying bigger TVs.


Sharp's 2012 HDTVs range from 42 to 90 inches.

When it comes to HDTVs, bigger is better. You probably didn’t need a study to tell you that, but DisplaySearch did one anyway — and it’s kind of interesting.

The research firm just came out with a report that says that the average size of LCD TV panels has increased by 2 inches over the last 12 months. In August 2011, the average TV panel was 34.8 inches. This year’s numbers were up to 36.8 inches. Considering that 18 to 20 million panels ship every month, this jump is a big deal for manufacturers and consumers.

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And some manufacturers are going even bigger. DisplaySearch says that Sharp is leading the push for larger TVs, increasing its average TV size from 39.1 inches in 2011 to 48.3 inches this year. Other manufacturers, however, averaged a 2-inch increase.

DisplaySearch says that a lot of customers are choosing larger sizes — because they can. Also, manufacturers are pushing those bigger sets, in order to preserve profit margins. That trend will continue, as prices continue to drop. For instance, VIZIO just announced its 60-inch E601i-A3 LED TV, which is priced at just $999.

The information is based on DisplaySearch’s Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database.


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