Stretch Out with CINEAK Strato Theater Sectional

This seating option is designed to be a couch, chair and even a row of straight or curved media/theater seating.


Need that home theater experience to be more horizontal? CINEAK can make that happen with its Strato seating option.

At the touch of a button, the Strato can go from a sofa to media seating. Designed to be a couch, chair and even a row of straight or curved media/theater seating, the Strato includes a “Relax” mechanism that allows loungers to adjust the footrest and backrest independently.

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Besides all of the different options, you can also get the Strato in a variety of sizes. There’s a standard 90-degree corner unit, as well as custom corner pieces to match the curve of your wall or riser. Also, multiple widths in seating parts and armrests can make this model even more sectional.

Other options include the Strato chaise seat, or you can specify your Strato layout with your own material — in either fabric or leather.

For more info on the Strato, as well as where to buy one, check out CINEAK’s website.

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