Stewart Filmscreen Starts Shipping FireHawk G4 Screen Material

The new release will replace the FireHawk G3 and SST screen materials.

Stewart Filmscreen is ending the week with a new addition to its screen line. The company just started shipping the FireHawk G4, a new flexible, ambient light rejecting, front projection screen surface.

The FireHawk G4 will replace the company’s current FireHawk G3 and SST screen materials. Specifically designed for areas prone to ambient light, the FireHawk G4 is made of opaque material. That basically means that it can preserve light from the projector to eliminate artifacts that come from the reflection of a flat panel or other sources behind the screen.

It also allows for a slightly lower gain, but still boasts an ambient light rejecting screen that’s reference quality.

Available in sizes up to 8-feet-tall-by-90-feet-wide, the FireHawk G4 can be deployed via a roller system and perforated for acoustic transparency. Other features include less hot-spotting and support for 4K, 8K and any subsequent improvements in projector resolution for years to follow.

“FireHawk was designed to provide the best possible trade-off between image fidelity and ambient light resistance,” said Grant Stewart, CEO Stewart Filmscreen. “With improvements to uniformity and off-axis viewing, G4 brings FireHawk even closer to the reference quality and image fidelity that have long been synonymous with Stewart Filmscreen.”

Stewart Filmscreen is shipping the FireHawk G4 now.

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