Stealth Goes Even More Stealth with New Invisible Speakers

The LRG Series offers several new super-thin speaker designs.


At this week’s InfoComm 2013 trade show, Stealth Acoustics is showing off a new collection of speakers — or are they?

The hook on the new LRG Series is that these are “invisible” speakers, much like the rest of the Stealth line. Hence, the company name!

Of course, these aren’t completely invisible, but are built so that they don’t leave much of a trace. What they do have is great sound, designed for an in-wall or in-ceiling installation.

Stealth’s latest offering also promises better audio from an even thinner speaker. In fact, Stealth Acoustics says that these speakers are a full inch thinner than the company’s previous models. That said, each one still manages to pack in a newly designed, low-profile high-power woofer for bass down to 30Hz.

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Because of that super-thin design, the LRG speakers can go into a wall or ceiling that’s as shallow as 2.5 inches deep. Other features include a redesigned speaker face and a proprietary radiating surface that’s known as “Fidelity-Glass.”

“Today’s multi-channel surround sound and whole-house audio systems require multiple speaker locations. The result can be an ever-growing number of speaker grilles, boxes and hardware that compete with the decor of the living space,” says Steve Olszewski, VP at Stealth Acoustics. “Using all our 10 years’ experience as the leader in invisible speaker technology, we’ve developed the new LRG range to combine audiophile quality with total discretion. Installers can now provide dynamic full range audio from concealed speakers, placed precisely where the customer
demands it.”

Designed to be an easy install, each LRG model has a paintable active diaphragm and a stable mounting frame that can attach directly to any standard wall structure.

The new LRG Series includes the premium, full range LR4G, the three-way full range LR3G, the two-way full range LR8G, the two-way single stereo SLR8G, and the compact, two-way full-range LR6G. To round out the set, Stealth also provides 100- and 120-watt subwoofers packaged together with monaural and 8-channel amplifiers. Contact Stealth Acoustics for more information and pricing.

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