Stealth Acoustics Readies StingRay Speaker for Summer

The outdoor speaker is completely sealed and available now.

Stealth Acoustics is currently showing off its StingRay outdoor speaker, just in time for summer party planning. This speaker is made for fun in the sun, as well as some of those not-so-fun, bad-weather days.

The StingRay is completely sealed, making it perfect for outdoor use. The company says that the speaker has an impenetrable glass fiber radiating surface and a rear enclosure made of marine-grade UV protected ASA plastic. That means it can withstand some of Mother Nature’s harshest moments. In fact, Stealth says that the StingRay is even capable of operating underwater — which is a good note, just in case that party gets a little out of control.

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Based on the company’s LRG invisible speaker platform, the StingRay has an 8-inch cone driver and 20-watt neodymium driver. Other features include 120 watts of power handling, a frequency response of 35Hz to 20kHz, and 170 degrees (vertical and horizontal) of polar dispersion.

“Creating a great sounding outdoor speaker that holds up over time is no easy task,” says Steve Olszewski, VP of Stealth Acoustics. “Traditional speakers eventually fall victim to the elements and environmental stresses, breaking down, corroding and failing. StingRay overcomes these issues because it has no grills or openings for the outside environment to enter the speaker. StingRay also delivers surprising audio quality Bass response is very warm and natural and the broad coverage means you can really cover some area with a single speaker. Turn it up, and StingRay can outperform many outdoor systems that use separate subwoofers. This is a sweet device.”

Available in standard white, black sandstone, greenstone or greystone finishes, Stealth says that the StingRay is also paintable and can be customized with printed images. Take a closer peek at the product in the video below or contact Stealth Acoustics for more information.

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