Special Report: Video Projectors and Screens – Big Screen Action

The Latest Projector and Screen Components that Make it Happen


Even though movie tickets can run $12 a pop, people still line up for premieres. One reason: The enormous screen. It’s so much easier to lose yourself in a movie when the action takes place on a 200-inch screen than when it’s displayed on the 50-incher you might have at home. Not only does the big-screen experience envelope viewers in the experience, it allows them to see things that are not apparent on a smaller display, like the details directors agonize over during movie production. By contrast, on a 50-
inch flat-panel TV 8 feet away, these details are often too small to be easily seen or appreciated.

To best replicate the theater experience at home, a front-projection system is the way to go. “Front projection has come a tremendous way in a short period of time,” says Jason Palmer, senior marketing and channel manager for home entertainment at Epson. “What many people don’t understand is that a 50-inch flat-panel is only one-fourth the size of a 100-inch screen in terms of surface area. You can get an exponentially larger experience with a projector and a screen than with a flat-panel TV.”

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In this issue:

  • The New Image of Projection Systems
  • New Projection Technologies
  • The Three Types of Projectors
  • Buffalo Bills’ Mario Williams Struts his Home Theater Stuff

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