Special Report on Media Room Furniture and Seating

Latest trends and buying information


Imagine a room with the most impressive high performance home theater gear. It’s all set: the screen is on the wall; the projector is fired up and displaying your favorite movie; the subwoofer is boiling the marrow in your bones, and the yet all you can think of is how uncomfortable the floor is.

Oh, I forgot one element of this picture—there’s no furniture. You’re sitting uncomfortably on the rug while your components—the Blu-ray player, AV receiver and control processor are pushed against a wall. Wires are everywhere. Maybe you’re holding the projector in your lap, which is bound to get uncomfortable as that lamp heats up.

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Without the right furniture, racks and mounting accessories a home theater is just a basement. Most of the time we’re promoting the importance of high-performance electronic gear, but high-performance furniture has as much of an impact on your enjoyment as the light output of the projector. Quality theater chairs, component racks and TV stands all make a plain room into a family’s favorite hangout. In this special free supplement you’ll learn about the latest trends in home theater furniture and how all the details combine to make your investment perform and last.


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