SpeakerCraft Launches Broad New Line


If you can’t find a speaker to suit your fancy at SpeakerCraft, then consider yourself completely out of luck. At the CEDIA Expo today, SpeakerCraft announced the availability of several new speakers in addition to its already extensive portfolio. “We more models of speakers than any other manufacturer,” says company president Jeremy Burkhardt, “and they range from $99 to several thousand dollars a pair. And while food prices have risen 21 percent we’ve increased our prices by must 6 percent over the past 36 months.”

A few of the most recent entries include a seamless speaker that can be installed and covered with drywall to become completely invisible; and Roots, a line of classic black and white box speakers, along with a variety of colored subwoofers, that are meant to be admired. The rectangular invisible speaker and subwoofer installs within the wall studs and can be covered with plaster or stucco, and painted over. According to SpeakerCraft a rectangular subwoofer will sound louder than a traditional 15-inch round subwoofer because the four corners provide more moving air capability with greater cone area. The bass response can reach down to 20Hz.

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The Roots subwoofers are available in white, red, white, yellow and silver.

New additions were made to SpeakerCraft’s Profile series as well. The detachable grilles for these built-in speakers are available in round and square, giving homeowners two stylish options. Once the grilles are attached to the speaker using neodymium magnets, the bezel and mounting flange are completely hidden. All that’s visible is the grille, which can be painted to match the wall or ceiling surface.

Lastly, SpeakerCraft showcased its new Vital amplifiers. The two Class D amps—8 channels x 50 watts and 12 channels x 50 watts, are highly efficient and generate less heat than traditional amps.


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