Sony’s HMZ-T3W Straps Twin OLED Screens to Your Face

The portable, wireless head-mounted display promises a "big-screen experience" almost anywhere.

No matter how much you try, it’s hard to take that big-screen experience with you — even if you’re just going to another part of the house. Sony is looking to make home theater a very portable, very personal experience, with the HMZ-T3W Personal 3D Viewer.

The HMZ-T3W is a head-mounted, wireless display that promises an immersive viewing experience. That’s because it’s basically like strapping twin OLED screens right to your face. Can you get closer to your entertainment than wearing it?

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It may look a little silly, but the HMZ-T3W is actually the third-gen Personal 3D Viewer from Sony. It can connect to gaming consoles, PCs, home theater components, tablets, smartphones and more, via MHL or HDMI. From there, you can enjoy movies, games and apps, with a virtual screen and 7.1-channel virtual sound.

The ergonomically-styled headset is designed for marathon viewing, with a cushioned headband and easy lens adjustment. It also has a compact battery box for hours of use on the go.

Other features include one-touch controls and Sony’s Virtual Surround Technology. Pair the HMZ-T3W with your favorite headphones or use the 16mm driver in-ear set Sony is shipping with this product.

Sony is taking pre-orders for the HMZ-T3W now, for $999.99.

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