Smart IR Remote App Puts Whole-House Control on Android Devices

Color Tiger's new app supports 500,000 devices for use with home theater, gaming, security, and more.

Almost every device has some type of app these days. However, a company named Color Tiger wants to combine control of all of your devices — all 500,000 of them.

The company just launched the Smart IR Remote app. Currently available for Samsung and HTC devices, this new app can control everything in your home theater and then some. It promises to support about 500,000 different devices, with more being added every day. That means that in addition to AV gear, you can also control things like your gaming console, a security system and even the air conditioner.

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The app uses the Infrared Blasters currently installed on your phones and/or tablets. However, it also allows for customization and control, all while you surf the web, stream music or check out other apps.

Other features include air gesture control, macros, mute/pause options for calls, and backup so you won’t have to reinstall everything every time you upgrade to a new portable.

Smart IR Remote is currently available through the Google Play Store. It retails for $6.99.

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