SlingPlayer Comes to Roku, Gets New Software Updates

The company has announced several enhancements for SlingPlayer 3.0.

Sling Media is looking to keep SlingPlayer users busy — and happy. The company just announced a few enhancements for SlingPlayer, which allows users to watch live and recorded TV just about anywhere.

First up, the company is putting a SlingPlayer channel on select Roku boxes. This will allow users to tap into live and recorded TV from a Roku box, when used in conjunction with the SlingPlayer app for iPhone and Android devices.

The channel is available now, via the Roku Channel Store. At launch, it will be available for the Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT (models 2400X and 2700X), Roku 2 XS, Roku 2 XD and Roku 2 HD players, as well the Roku Streaming Stick. Support for the Roku HD (model 2500X) and Roku LT (model 2450X) will be added later this month.

SlingPlayer 3.0 is also making its big debut. This latest version of the software can still put live and recorded TV just about anywhere. However, the company is adding several new perks. First, iPad users will be able to use that portable as a first screen and second screen simultaneously. Also, SlingPlayer 3.0 will offer more ways to find content, including features specifically designed for the sports fan, as well as social media integration for Twitter and Facebook users.

As an added bonus, the iPhone and Android SlingPlayer apps will also get an update. That way, the apps will be able to keep up with the above enhancements. Also, Sling Media says it will release an app for Windows 8.1 devices sometime in December.

“With today’s announcements, Sling Media has clearly brought the Slingbox experience into the living room, changing the way our customers discover, navigate, view and socialize around content,” said Michael Hawkey, VP and general manager of Sling Media. “With SlingPlayer 3.0, we’re giving customers the tools they need to turn traditional prime time into Prime Time Social Time. Our customers have been asking for Roku support and a Windows 8.1 app. We’re pleased to deliver the Roku channel today and the Windows 8.1 app in the very near future.”

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