Simple.TV DVR Starts Shipping Next Week

The Kickstarter favorite offers live and recorded broadcast HDTV in the living room and over the web.


We see a lot of interesting things go up on Kickstarter, never to be heard from again. Well, Really Simple Software Inc. not only raised over quarter of a million dollars to fund the Simple.TV DVR, but the company plans to start shipping the product next week.

On Thursday, September 27, Really Simple Software Inc. will start shipping the Simple.TV DVR to Kickstarter and pre-order customers in the U.S. They will also take additional orders via the Simple.TV online store.

The Simple.TV DVR is a high-def TV tuner that converts broadcast television into streaming MPEG-4. It can stream both live and recorded TV to the living room as well as networked devices inside and outside of the home. In other words, you can tap into that lineup on an iPhone or iPad, a Roku box, or anything else with a web browser.

“People want to watch their favorite television wherever they are — whether they are in the living room with their big screen TV, or on the move with their iPad,” said Mark Ely, CEO of Really Simple Software, Inc. “No matter what screen they have in front of them, Simple.TV is the perfect way to watch live or recorded broadcast television, in the highest quality HD, without the ever increasing cost of cable or satellite.”

The Simple.TV doesn’t use analog or HDMI video outputs. Instead, it connects to your home network, for streaming right to the web browser.

The Simple.TV DVR is priced at $149, which includes free basic service. If you want to bump up to Premier Service subscription, which adds an electronic program guide, automatic TV series recording, in-depth information on content, and unlimited remote streaming for up to five users, expect to pay $4.99 per month.


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