SIM2 SUPERLUMIS Pro DLP Home Theater Projector Goes to 5K Lumens, Includes AUTOCALC

SIM2's new 3D home theater projector is for when really big, bright images are a must.

SIM2 doesn’t do things half way, which is why we’re psyched about the new SUPERLUMIS PRO projector. SIM2 designed this 3-chip DLP home theater projector on a whole new PROSIM2 platform that improves picture quality and performance.

Being a 3-chip DLP projector, there’s no chance of color-wheel artifacts.

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One neat trick of this projector is that it can be connected to a home’s IP network, not only for integrating with a control system, but also for firmware and software upgrades—which your installer can do remotely. The system includes intelligent monitoring that checks a variety of parameters to make sure the projector is always running at optimal level.

Picture performance features include a powerful 350 watt lamp that pushes the light output to 5,000 lumens on-screen with 30,000:1 contrast ratio plus lens shift, 4 active-shutter 3D glasses (with an emitter) a variety of lens options and an anamorphic option. Some unique options include a Sliding Filter System and AUTOCAL probe interface system.

Sliding Filter System is allows the projector meet multiple color reproduction requirements—such as Home Cinema or DCI to deliver precise, perfect colors.

SIM2 AUTOCAL is a system that automatically calibrates for color, ambient light and background light to correct the picture performance.

The SUPERLUMIS Pro is a pricy projector at $65,000 and requires professional installation and setup. I

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