SIM2 Starts SIRIO 2014 DLP Home Theater Projector at $20K

The new 3D-capable active single-chip DLP projector will start selling later this month.

Just days after SIM2 announced plans to release six new home theater projectors, the company is sneaking in another announcement — and it’s a big one.

At least, it’s for big rooms. The SIRIO 2014 edition is an upcoming 3D-capable active single-chip DLP projector that’s geared towards large spaces and even multiple screens.

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The SIRIO 2014 boasts a new 350-watt dual-lamp design, better light-tuned optical elements, and 7,000 ANSI lumens. The latter means that the projector can deliver a brighter viewing experience during the day, without the screen reflection you might get from a flat panel. It can also light up a very large projection screen for a theater or custom media room.

Other features include Perfect Fit technology, full remote IP management, total IP upgrading and control, IP remote service and check, and auto-calibration via a high-precision probe (SIM2 AUTOCAL). Also worth noting is that the SIRIO 2014 can be integrated into any room or stacked, thanks to a choice of five lenses. The standard, short fixed lens can deliver a throw ratio of 0.77:1, with the optional four long-throw ratio lenses ranging from 1.21 to 6.97:1.

Featuring a matte black finish, the SIRIO 2014 will start shipping at the end of February. It will come with a standard lens and a starting price of $20,000.

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