SIM2 Gives the SuperLumis Projector a Big Debut

The new projector will appear at the exclusive 2013 SIM2 World Road Show.

SIM2 is currently showing off its new SuperLumis projector at the 2013 SIM2 World Road Show. Don’t try to get a ticket, though; you’re probably not invited.

The exclusive event is designed for dealers. However, those dealers will soon have the SuperLumis available for purchase — and will be able to pass that home theater goodness on to you.

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The new 3-chip DLP projector is part of the company’s Lumis line. It features up to 5,000 ANSI lumens, which can be achieved using the High Brightness (HB) lens. An Extended Contrast (EC) lens option is also available.

Other features include an improved AlphaPath light engine, 3D Triple Flash technology, two HDMI inputs, one USB port, and the SIM2 Perfect Fit feature. The latter allows users to display 2.35/2.40:1 video material on a 2.35/2.40:1 aspect ratio screen, all without those pesky black bars.

It should also be noted that the SuperLumis is just as pretty on the outside. Designed by Giorgio Revoldini, this projector has a high-gloss gun-metal finish that will look nice in both media rooms and dedicated theaters.

The SuperLumis is available now for $60K. You can get a little peek at the projector in the road show clip below.

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