Sherbourn Debuts SR-8100 7.1-Channel AV Receiver

The new AV component has HDMI 1.4 switching with ARC, CEC and more.


Sherbourn just debuted its latest home theater component. The SR-8100 7.1-channel receiver is available now, exclusively on the Sherbourn website.

The new AV receiver promises professional-grade performance inside a compact, bulletproof chassis. That rugged construction is perfect for rack-mounting and custom installation.

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Capable of delivering 80 watts per channel, the SR-8100 has two Cirrus 32­-bit dual­-core fixed-point DSP processors, support for the latest high-resolution audio formats, and four HDMI 1.4 inputs. Other features include Xpressview switching, 3D support, Audio Return Channel (ARC), Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), and the Sherbourn Advanced Room Correction System.

Another interesting perk is support for Bluetooth 3.0, which means that users can stream content from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or other device.

Besides the HDMI, the SR-8100 has four stereo analog inputs, four digital audio inputs, a full set of 7.1 pure analog direct inputs, and your choice of balanced or unbalanced subwoofer outputs.

“With the SR-8100, we designed a truly professional-quality AV receiver that not only outshines four-figure consumer-grade models in terms of build-quality, performance, and power capabilities, but manages to do so in an incredibly compact chassis that runs cool, and is built to last,” said Dan Laufman, president. “Not only that, we’re incredibly proud of its canny mix of custom-installation features, consumer ease-of-use, and, perhaps most importantly, value.”

Sherbourn is selling the SR-8100 7.1-Channel Receiver now, with a five-year warranty. The MSRP on the SR-8100 is $899, but the company is currently offering it for $100 less for a limited time.


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