Sherbourn Adopts Direct-to-Consumer Model

Sherbourn Technologies is revamping its distribution model with a new direct-to-consumer feature. Sherbourn is also cutting the pricing of its products to provide consumers and participants of its dealer incentive program with additional savings.


It just got a little easier to buy Sherbourn home audio components. Dan Loufman, Sherbourn Technology’s president, said the company is going to start selling product direct-to-consumer online following the path set by sister company Emotiva (reviews of several Emotiva products can be found here).

Laufman says the move symbolizes the new era of home audio, where consumers are empowering themselves at one end of the market and boutique audio is driving luxury sales at the other end.

But if you prefer to shop in a retail store where you can touch (and listen to) a product, you’ll still be able to do that. The company has a program for dealers and installers.

The best part of this news is that Sherbourn products are getting cheaper. As a result of this new direct model, Sherbourn will lower prices, but says the product quality won’t change. It’s backing up that claim with 5- and 10-year warranties.

Here is Sherbourn’s new pricing (which takes effect March 1):

PT-7030 preamp/processor was $2,999; it is now $1,799
PA 7-350 seven-channel amp was $4,999; it is now $2,799
PA 7-150 seven-channel amp was $2,499; it is now $1,499
PA 5-200 five-channel amp was $1,999; it is now $1,199
SR-8100 A/V receiver was $1,199; it is now $899
PA 2-160 stereo amp was $899; it is now $579
PA 2-250 stereo amp was $1,699; it is now $999
PRE-1 preamplifier was $899; it is now $529
CD-1 CD player was $899; it is now $499
PA 12-45 12-channel amp was $1,099; it is now $599
PA 4Z-75 two-channel/four-zone amp was $699; it is now $549
PA 2-50 stereo amp was $499; it is now $269
PA 18-45 18-channel amp was $1,699; it is now $799
C-12 cooling unit was $199; it is now $99


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