Sherbourn Adds Control4 Support to Home Theater Preamp/Processor

The company puts control into the PT-7020C4 and adds the PA-7350 amplifier.


Sherbourn is sneaking into a new area of the home. We’re used to seeing the company around a lot of AV cabinets. However, the new PT-7020C4 processor/controller is adding a little home control into its mix.

The newly announced PT-7020C4 (pictured below, as well as top right) is designed with the high-tech home in mind, offering full Ethernet control and support for Control4 technology. It has five HDMI 1.4 ports, which means the unit is also compatible with 3D setups. It also has dual 32-bit DSP processors, to handle all of today’s high-def audio codecs. Other features include the Genesis/Torino scaling engine, balanced XLR connections, and a full color on-screen display that is capable of transparency over live video.

Sherbourn also just announced the PA-7350 multichannel power amplifier (pictured on the right, bottom). Designed as a match for the PT-7020C4, this amp can pump out 350 watts at 8 ohms per channel (7 x 350), with a Class H design that does not need fans. It also has balanced XLR outputs, audiophile-grade input and output terminals, and trigger in/out and rack-mount capability.

Sherbourn hasn’t announced pricing for either component. However, they are backing both with the promise of commercial-grade reliability and a five-year warranty.


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