Sharp Snags 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award

In 2012, the company had 154 Energy Star-qualified models.


It’s really hard to say that any TV is good for the environment. Of course, there are ones that are a lot better than others. When you see the Energy Star seal of approval, there’s a little comfort in knowing that your new purchase is rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to be as energy efficient as possible.

Sharp is making it easy to pick an Energy Star-approved product, and the organization is acknowledging them for that. The EPA just picked Sharp to receive its 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year award.

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In 2013, Sharp offered 154 Energy Star-qualified TVs across seven product lines. The company was also commended for having the biggest share of large-screen TVs recognized as Energy Star’s Most Efficient 2012.

At CES back in January, Sharp introduced its 2013 crop of HDTVs, including 21 models 60 inches and up. Most of the new LED TV portfolio is Energy Star 6.0-qualified.

“It’s a testament to Sharp’s engineering capabilities and dedication to energy efficiency that even as our TVs get larger, energy consumption is decreasing,” said John Herrington, president of Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. “Our commitment to the Energy Star program remains a priority, and we proudly offer consumers the energy saving benefits they deserve without sacrificing size or functionality.”


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