SF Cable Debuts 180-Degree Swivel HDMI Cables

The latest option has a twisty connector, making for an easy install almost anywhere.

Sometimes, it’s hard to squeeze behind the AV cabinet when hooking up your home theater system. Why should you do all of the twists and turns, when your HDMI cables can do that for you?

SF Cable this debuted a new line of 180-Degree Swivel HDMI Connector Cables. Available in lengths ranging from 1 to 5 meters, each cable has a special connector that offers 180 degrees of swivel.

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That perk not only makes connecting devices, like smart TVs, easier, but makes placement of those devices easier as well. Each cable can even protect those precious HDMI ports, during times when you’re trying to wedge something in.

Fitting bulky HDMI cables behind the wall when mounting smart TVs can be particularly difficult, because often there’s not a lot of room between the wall and the thin TV.

Each HDCP-compliant cable also supports 3D and 4K display devices.

“Our developed HDMI cables can support data transfer rate up to 10.2Gbps,” says a company rep. “Since these cables have an exclusive HDMI Ethernet channel, they can be used with any IP-enabled gadget. The best thing is that our consumers don’t need a different Ethernet cable for such devices.”

Check out SF Cable’s list of HDMI Swivel Cables for information about sizes and pricing.

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