Seymour Screen Excellence Adds Retractable Masking Option

Choose vertical or horizontal masking


Home Theater projector screens need to do a lot more than many people would believe. Aside from being a surface to shine a movie one, they need to be versatile. Seymour-Screen Excellence is doing that now with the new MFR (multi-format retractable) film screen.

The MFR is a motorized retractable screen (using Seymour’s acoustically-transparent woven Enlightor 4K material) outfitted with a retractable masking system. The product can be purchased with either a horizontal mask to maintain a constant width on a 16:9 screen or with vertical masking to maintain a contact height with a 2.35 screen. The masking portion is operated by a second hidden roller.

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An exclusive Uni-tab system hides most of the side tensioning cables behind the borders. The screen material is trimmed with a black velvet border.

The MFR is available in sizes from 70-inches to 150-inches.

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