Sewell Veranda Puts a Shelf Right Under Your HDTV

Sewell's new Veranda wall-mount shelf can hold AV essentials.


Some people love hiding AV equipment. Some love putting it out on display. Just because you don’t want to run wires and have a separate room for AV equipment doesn’t mean that things need to look sloppy. Sewell is making things nice and neat with the new Veranda shelf.

The Veranda is an elevated shelf that can put equipment right below a wall-mounted HDTV. Designed to minimize home theater clutter, the shelf means that you can have AV essentials near the TV without drilling into walls or having cables hanging. It even has a cable-concealing duct.

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Two versions of the Veranda are available. One has a wall-mount bracket for LCD and plasma screens. The other is a stand-alone wall-mount shelf system.

“We designed the Veranda to fit universally onto virtually any wall mount bracket that uses tilting arms that attach to the back of HDTVs,” said Greg Petersen, the chief designer and engineer on the Veranda project. The company says this is made possible because the Veranda’s bracket attachment mimics how tilting arms attach to most brackets.

Rated to hold 30 pounds, the Veranda shelf connects to two arms, which also serve as the aforementioned cable ducts. A rubber-edge trim helps to keep the wall scratch-free.

Sewell is pre-selling the Veranda now, starting at $64.95. The company says that the item will start shipping on May 14, 2012.


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