Sewell Hides HDTV Cables with WallBlade

Sewell Direct's kit offers a clean and easy way to run cable through the wall.


Adding cables into an existing home typically means there’s some audio, video, networking, or other geeky goodies to follow. We love that. What we’re not as crazy about is the wire clutter that comes with the added technology.

Sewell Direct has a solution in its newly announced WallBlade Recessed Power Wall Plate Kit. This inexpensive option allows the homeowner to run cables through the wall, but without the mess. That means you can hang that flat screen, without having to worry about power, HDMI, and other cables hanging and ruining the room’s decor.

Of course, not everyone wants to mess with wiring. However, Sewell Direct promises an easy install. Also, the company says that this option also features a non-metallic power cable to keep the user’s house up to code — all without having to hire an electrician.

There are two pieces to the WallBlade kit. One goes behind your TV and the other goes fairly close to an outlet (not too close!). Cut a hole in the drywall, stick the WallBlade into the hole and turn the screws to secure it. Once installed, the WallBlade covers up as many wires as you can stuff into the wall. It also acts as an extension cord. Plug your TV into the WallBlade right behind it. The second lower WallBlade then plugs into a real outlet using the included power cord.

Available in white or beige, the WallBlade solution is available for pre-order now. The MSRP is $54.95.


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