Severtson Talks Up SēVision 3D GX Micro Perf Home Theater Screens

The company plans to show off the curved screens at the 2013 CEDIA Expo.

While you’re thinking about back to school, Severtson Screens is planning another fall event. The company has been talking up its plans for the 2013 CEDIA Expo.

Severtson Screens just announced plans to show off its curved SēVision 3D GX “Micro Perf” screens for home theater at the September tradeshow.

The screen has a little something called PristiVue technology. This promises to display images as the director intended, as well as deliver the ultimate in 3D viewing and an acoustically transparent audio experience.

According to Severtson Screens, the SēVision 3D GX is also referred to as a “Green Screen,” since its water-based optical coating is lacquer-free. That basically means that it’s built to last and won’t yellow or sag over time.

Designed for both fixed and electric/motorized applications, the SēVision 3D GX is available in standard and custom sizes.

“The SēVision 3D GX’s signal-to-noise ratio is an industry shattering 250:1, and the gain is 2.4,” says Kirk Severtson, COO of Severtson Screens. “These features make ‘ghosting’ near obsolete, and thus allow it to work beautifully in ambient lighting. The SēVision 3D GX is the first home theater screen to be certified by all the major 3D licensors for digital projection, and can also be used for viewing 2D projection. It utilizes the same technology that helped earn an Oscar for IMAX in 1996, assuring that through viewing movies on this screen, everyone can experience the pristine visual presentations 3D digital projection has to offer.”

The 2013 CEDIA Expo will run from September 26 to 28, 2013, in Denver, CO. If you can’t make it to the show, know that the SēVision 3D GX is now available.

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