Screen Innovations Ships Black Diamond Motorized Projection Screen

The new screen solution promises to preserve existing room aesthetics.


Screen Innovations (SI) has been teasing us with the promise of the Black Diamond Motorized projection screen for a little while. Now, the company is delivering on its promise, shipping the product to frothing home theater fans worldwide.

The new option features a new motorized design and SI’s own Black Diamond ambient light rejection screen technology. It promises to deliver all sorts of awesome images, but also disappears when it’s not in use so you won’t have to have a blank screen staring you in the face.

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SI uses one motor, four custom helixes, and a spool of slender aircraft cable to lower the super-thin Black Diamond Motorized screen down from a recessed ceiling-mounted cassette. Once it’s in position, a small tube emerges and lowers itself to a pre-determined height with only the image space in sight. Black Diamond screens don’t need masking or black-drop material, so users won’t be exposed to any visible material above, below, or on either side of the screen. It basically looks like that image is floating in the air.

Other features include zero glare and reflection in bright environments and ambient light rejection screen technology. Contact one of SI’s authorized dealers for more details and pricing information.

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