Screen Innovations Debuts Pure Zero Edge Projection Screens

Both of the new options are designed to deliver reference-quality images at home.


The whole idea of having a home theater is to recreate that big-screen experience. Of course, you can’t get any bigger than a projection screen.

Screen Innovations has debuted a few new options to maximize that screen space. The company just introduced two new options for its line of Pure Zero Edge Projection Screens.

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The Pure White is a 1.3 gain screen, with the Pure Gray featuring a .8 gain screen. Both have SI’s sleek and stylish Zero Edge bezel and proprietary Micro Texture, which SI says is nine times finer and smoother than that of the best screen material available on the market today.

Designed for resolutions from 1080p to 8K and beyond, each one also has options for mounting and LED lighting.

“Resolving the most common complaints associated with white and gray projection screens, Pure reproduces projected images brilliantly without any measurable color shift or visible texture,” stated Ryan Gustafson, president and founder of Screen Innovations. “It redefines the middle market by providing the coolest, most impressive and cost effective solution for video purists, enthusiasts and everyday viewers alike.”

Besides the new additions, the Zero Edge line also includes the Black Diamond with 2.7 gain, the Black Diamond with 1.4 gain, and the Black Diamond with .8 gain screen materials. Shipping with a lifetime replacement policy, all Pure Zero Edge screens are available now in sizes up to 120 inches in 16:9 and up to 150 inches in 2.35:1. Prices for this line start at $1,599, and vary depending on your configuration.

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