Screen Dreams Puts MoMA Art on Blu-ray

Now you can enjoy the Museum of Modern Art from the comfort of your couch.


Not everyone can play hooky and head to the Museum of Modern Art. For one thing, it’s in New York. However, Screen Dreams is making the trip a whole lot easier, via a new Blu-ray release.

The company just announced the release of its new 50 Masterworks from the Collection Blu-ray and DVD. This includes licensed masterworks from The Museum of Modern Art’s collection of paintings. That means that you can marvel at the beauty and creativity of some of the world’s greatest artworks, all without leaving the house.

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At $16.95 for the Blu-ray ($14.95 for the SD DVD), the 50 Masterworks Blu-ray disc is probably cheaper than a museum ticket, too. Besides the work of van Gogh, Cezanne, Pollock, and others, this Blu-ray includes a new special feature that allows viewers to customize a playlist of favorite paintings that can continuously loop on the screen. Choose between images with or without credit info, which features artist info, as well as the story behind the artwork. All images are also accompanied by a smoothing soundtrack.

“What if you could hang an actual Van Gogh in your living room?” asks Stephen Spivak, president and owner of Screen Dreams. “The new Screen Dreams Blu-ray DVDs lets you enjoy 50 individual museum quality masterpieces from 27 different artists. The hi-def DVDs bring the galleries of The Modern Museum of Art into your living room, which allows you to experience and learn about these classics up-close and personal.”

The 50 Masterworks Blu-ray and DVD are both available now, exclusively through the Screen Dreams website. If art isn’t your thing, the company has other high-def releases, which feature photography, aquariums, fireplace scenes, and more.


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