Schneider’s Kino-Slide Anamorphic Lens System is Light & Compact

The new Schneider Kino-Slide motorized anamorphic lens system utilizes a lightweight and sturdy track system, as well as the company's Cine Digitar anamorphic lenses to provide users with a high-quality and versatile widescreen video solution.


Some of the installer-friendly options Schneider Optic’s Kino-Slide motorized lens deployment system offers include a long-range RF remote-trigger and RS-232 communications via an RJ-45 port. Additional installation options include a 12-volt tr

The newly announced Kino-Slide motorized anamorphic lens deployment system from Schneider Optics is engineered to be a reasonably priced, versatile solution that electronics professionals can use in a variety of room environments. Schneider says the anamorphic lens system can be installed into rooms ranging from screening rooms and conference rooms, to home settings that include dedicated theater rooms and today’s popular multipurpose media rooms.

Schneider explains it engineered the product to be lighter and more compact than typical anamorphic lens systems, and it can be fitted with the company’s Cine Digitar anamorphic lenses, which includes the CDA 1.33X. According to the the company, its anamorphic lenses allow for the use of all of the pixels that a 1080p projector can produce to deliver the highest possible resolution image without top and bottom black bars for true anamorphic images.

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The lens system has also been designed to be installer friendly with capabilities for pitch, yaw and roll adjustment to aid the lens alignment process. The system also offers options such as a RF remote trigger and RS-232 communications that utilizes RJ-45 connections. Additional options built into the Kino-Slide motorized anamorphic lens deployment system include a 12-volt trigger and on-board reverse home position and self-cycling demo mode dip switches.

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