Savant Introduces Savant Sound Line

The company has teamed up with Bay Audio for a complete series of multiroom audio products.


Savant Systems is a name that we usually pair up with the topic of home control. However, the company is about to branch out into another area of the high-tech home.

The company just announced plans to launch Savant Sound, a new speaker line. Savant doesn’t plan to work alone on this one, though. Instead, they are tapping Bay Audio to design the new series, which will include four in-wall models, four in-ceiling models, and an in-wall subwoofer product.

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“We chose to team up with Bay Audio for this initiative based on the quality of their speakers and their stature as a highly reputable vendor within the CEDIA community,” says Jim Carroll, Savant’s GM of residential business. “We think that offering a robust, competitively priced end-to-end distributed audio solution based on our SmartAudio platform is a powerful tool for residential and commercial applications and brings a decisive competitive advantage to Savant’s dealer network.”

Savant says that the speaker line should start shipping this month. However, this isn’t the first time that the company has dipped its toe into audio waters. Savant recently launched the SmartAudio multi-room audio controller and matching 16-channel amplifier, and offers two in-ceiling speakers for commercial installs.

The SmartAudio system delivers music distribution and stereo preamp processing in up to eight zones. Besides offering the option to play the same music or unique content in each zone, it can be controlled via an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using Savant’s TrueControl applications.


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