Sanus PowerBridge Makes TV Hookups Easier

Cut out cable clutter


If you’re hoping to get a new flat panel TV as a holiday gift, don’t forget that you need to figure out a plan to get it on the wall.

Hanging a TV on a wall is pretty simple—go to any of the several wall-mount companies, select a compatible mount, and start drilling into your studs. The bigger problem is hiding the HDMI cables and power cord. You can buy conduits to cover the cords outside the wall, but for a professional look, you’ll want the wires nicely tucked inside the wall out of sight.

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That task usually involves a professional, or at least a family member who’s comfortable working with electricity. The new Sanus PowerBridge ELM806 makes that task much easier.

Essentially the PowerBridge is an in-wall extension cable with a place to run your AV cords as well. Since you’re not dealing directly with live electrical lines you don’t need an electrician to install it. Simply cut the appropriate holes in the wall, fish your cables though, and then plug everything in.

The $99 ELM806 just started shipping this week, in time for your It’s A Wonderful Life marathon.


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