Samsung’s Smart TV is Smarter Than You

Easy search and recommend features ehance the app experience.


At the Samsung CEDIA 2011 booth, I stopped by to checkout some of the company’s latest offerings. While Samsung didn’t have any previously unreleased products to announce, the company did have some helpful demonstration areas set up to show off what its TVs can do.

We made our way to the smart TV demo, and a rep explained how Samsung’s TVs go beyond merely offering a collection of apps. The platform actually tries to make selecting and locating content easier.

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Here’s the issue, in a nutshell. Most premium TVs now have online widgets (apps, features, whatever…), but if you use a number of content services (we’re talking video here, not music, yet) and just want to watch Bat Man, you might have to individually open and search each app (Vudu, Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, Cinema Now) before you find what you want.

The Samsung smart TVs do something similar to what Google TV tries to do—search everything at once. In addition, the TV pays attention to what you watch and can make some suggestions. We let the Samsung rep at the booth show us how it works.

Check out the video here:

I’ll have some hands-on experience to report in an upcoming review, so look for that.


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