Samsung Launches 105-inch Ultra HD Smart TV for $120K

Ultra resolution, ultra wide, ultra expensive

Back at the Consumer Electronics Show in January a lot of companies made promises for impressive products, and a lot of them were quickly forgotten. Well, this is one you’re not going to forget. The luxurious Samsung 105-inch curved 4K (Ultra HD) super-wide TV is finally hitting the market, for real. The price might give you a little pause though–$120K.

Samsung’s UN105S9W is $119,999.99, and it’s awesome. For that money, in addition to the big TV you get “Samsung Elite Service” that includes an in-house visit from Samsung field engineers who will optimize the TV and walk you through all the features. That includes a video calibration if the owner wishes it.

If $120K is a bit steep for you, Samsung also has an 85-inch Ultra HD TV for a mere $10K.

I first saw this TV at invitation-only event in Las Vegas during CES. It produces a stunning picture, and the 21:9 aspect ratio creates a cinema-like experience you can’t get from a standard-sized 16:9 TV. The curve, while more of a gimmick on smaller TVs, is an asset when applied to a display this big. In fact, the ultra-wide designe means it actually has more pixels than a standard Ultra HD set. The UN105S9W sports a 5120 x 2160 resolution.

To keep the TV thin and minimalist, all the connections and processing are housed in an outboard box. The 105-inch Ultra HD TV is also compatible with Samsung’s UHD Evolution Kit which ensures that it will stay up-to-date with any changes that may come next year.

This TV isn’t just about size. Samsung has put its latest technology into it, including Auto Depth Enhancer, local dimming, Precision Black and a full suite of smart TV features based on a Quad-core processor. It comes with the metal floor stand shown at top, and features a wood back panel design.

If $120K sounds about right to you for this 4K LED LCD TV, you can order it now, and start clearing stuff out of your living room. Each one is built-to-order, so don’t expect to see boxes of them piled up at Best Buy.

Yes, Samsung’s ultra-wide TV is wider than me.

At CES LG also showed off a 105-inch curved 4K TV, but hasn’t released a price yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens this week.

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